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About Duru Verinag

Duru Verinag against Pir Panjal Range
Source: Flickr

Duru Verinag is a small town located in Anantnag district in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It falls under the Duru region of the district and is famous not only for its natural beauty, but also for its affinity to art and culture.

Geography of Duru Verinag

 Duru Verinag is located at 33° 35' 0" North latitude and 75° 14' 0" East longitude in the lap of Pir Panjal range of mountains. It is situated at a distance of 21 Km from the district headquarters Anantnag and 9.1 Km from the nearest railhead at Qazigund. The state capital Srinagar is around 76.7 km from here.

Duru Verinag has a total area of 12.3 Sq Km. Just as in rest of Anantnag district, the area has a hilly terrain with an average elevation of about 1.854 meters. The soil here is very fertile. The town and its adjoining area are blessed with wonderful scenic beauty. River Jhelum flowing by adds charm to this place.

Because of its proximity to the Pir Panjal Range of mountains, the city has a temperate type of climate with an average temperature of 13.4 °C (56.1 °F). July is the warmest month here; at that time the temperature may reach up to 22.7 °C (72.9 ° F). The winter is colder; in January the temperature may go down to 1.4 °C (34.5 °F).

Duru Verinago through the Mist

The city receives rainfall throughout the year. The annual average rainfall is 1,043 mm (41.1 in). The driest month is November and at that time it receives an average precipitation of 35 mm (1.4 in). March, with an average precipitation of 162 mm (6.4 in), is the wettest month in Duru Verinag. 

History of Duru Verinag

Not much is known about the history of Duru Verinag. However, the area around the town has been historically important and has produced many eminent personalities, Rassol Mir, known as John Keats of Kashmir, was born here. Mahmud Gami, who introduced the Persian form of ghazal and masnavi in Kashmir, is another distinguished person born here, Besides, Mullah Mohammad, who translated Rajatarangini from Sanskrit into Persian, was another distinguished son of this region.

Apart from the above mentioned persons, the area around the town is home to many other distinguished personalities belonging to the 19th and 20th century. In addition, Verinag located around 5 Km south of Duru Verinag, was a favorite spot of Mughal Emperor Jahangir and his wife Noor Jahan. It is believed that, Jahangir was so fond of Verinag that he wanted to be buried here. However, the wish could not materialize. Nonetheless, it has now become a favorite tourist spot.

Verinag, the Ancient Spring near Duru Verinag

Verinag Spring
Source: Flickr

Right at the centre of Verinag town is the ancient Verinag Spring. It is said to be the main source of the mighty Jhelum River.  Initially it was called Nila Nag after the son of Wrishi Kashyap. It is situated on Garden Road at the bottom of a hill full of evergreen coniferous forests. 

Verinag spring has a depth of 50 feet and a circumference of 80 meters. It has crystal clear water; one can see different types of fishes swimming in there.  However, the original shape of the spring is not what we see today.

Originally, the spring was in the form of a circular kund. Water used to ooze out of different places forming a marsh around it.  In 1620 AD, Mughal Emperor Jahangir had it changed into the octagonal shape, favored by the Mughals. He first had it enclosed by stone walls so that water could accumulate there. He also had vaults made under it. Stone slabs built on the Western and Southern walls of the spring provide the inception date. Inscription made in Persian also provide some important inputs about this Mughal arcade.

Mughal Garden around Verinag Spring

Mughal Garden at Verinag

The area was further beautified by Emperor Shajahan, the son of Emperor Jahangir. He not only had a beautiful garden built around the spring, but also had cascades and aqueducts built to enhance its beauty. Today, the Mughal garden, which covers a total area of 5.30 hectares, is one of the most important tourist destinations in the area.

Other than the natural beauty, the place is also of religious importance for the Hindus. One of the arcs that surround the spring contains a Shivling, which is worshipped by many to this day. There is also another temple within the garden, one may also visit that. To know more about the spring and the garden you may click here.

Religious Spots in and around Duru Verinag

Area in and around Duru Verinag has many important shrines. Khankah Faiz Panah, originally constructed by Hazrat Mir Mohammad Hamadani, the son of Hazrat Ameer-i-Kabeer Mir Syed Ali Hamadani is located here. While in town, one may also visit the shrines of Syed Jaffer Madani, Ziyarat Azam Shah, Shah Asraar etc.

Shiva Lingam at Verinag

Besides, the area has many places of pilgrimage for the Hindus. Among them, we can mention Goswani Gund Ashram Mandir, Omoh Shiva Temple, Luk Bawan (Lokapunya), Vitasta etc.

Administration in Doru Verinag

Doru Verinag is notified area under the administration of a Municipal Committee. For better administration, the town has been divided into 15 wards. All these wards are represented by elected representatives. Elections are generally held after every five years.

Doru Verinag Municipal Committee is entrusted with the job of providing basic amenities such as drinking water and sewage to about 3133 households. Maintenance of roads and other public buildings is another of their important function. To carry on such work, they levy different types of taxes on the residents. However, the Committee also receives grants from the State Government.

District Administration in Duru Verinag

Other aspects of the administration is handled by the District Administration, which is headed by a Deputy Commissioner posted at the district headquarter Anantnag. He is the most important officer in the district and acts as the liaison between the State Government and the resident of the district. Although he is aided by a number of subordinate officers such as Tehsidars and Naib Tehsildars, the ultimate responsibility lies with him. In case of necessity one can contact him at the following numbers:
Telephone No: 01932-222-337
Fax: 01932-223-164
Email Id: anantanag@nic.in

Police in Duru Verinag

Police in Duru Verinag functions under a Senior Superintendent of Police posted at district headquarters Anantnag. You may contact the District Police Office at the following numbers:
Phone No: 01932-222-836, 01932-222-271
E-mail: sspang.jk@gmail.com and dpoanantnag-jk@nic.in

To contact the Doru Police Station, you may call at 01932- 220-221

Business and Economy in Doru Verinag

apple Orchards near Duru Verinag
Source: Flickr

Agriculture and its allied sector is the mainstay of economy in Duru Verinag and its surrounding area. While rice is the main crop of this region, farmers here also grow significant quantity of apples. In addition, the area has a few small scale industries, which produce variety of agro and wood based products. The government is now planning to open an industrial estate in this area.  The project will be spread over 400 kanal of land and the industries will be provided with adequate incentives.

Just as in rest of Kashmir Valley, many people in and Doru Verinag also earn their livelihood from the handicraft sector. To augment the income of the artisans, the government is planning to open a handicraft training centre in nearby Ara Khushipore village. Trading and tourism too contribute to the economy of the town quite significantly.

Bank in Doru Verinag

Jammu and Kashmir Bank is the principle bank here. Following are the details about this bank.

Name of the branch: DORUSHAHABAD
Contact Number: 01932-230235

How to Reach Doru Verinag

Jhelum River Flowing Close to Duru Vering
Source: Flickr

The summer and the autumn months are the best time to undertake a trip to Duru Verinag. The nearest airport is at Srinagar. The airport is located at a distance of 71 Km from the town. From there, one can either take a road transport or travel by train to Qazigund, located at a distance of 9 km from the town. By road it takes as little as one and half hours to reach Duru Veirnag from Srinagar

While Qazigund is nearest railhead, not many trains stop there. Tourists intending to travel via train can get off at Jammu Tawai, which is located at a distance of 224.5 Km from the town and then take up another train for Qazigund. However, one may also travel by road. If you travel by NH 1A, it is going to take you around five and hours to reach Doru Verinag.

It may not be out of place to add that the town, which is located just after the Jawahar tunnel, is often referred as the Gateway to Kashmir Valley. Verinag, located close by, is in fact the first tourist spot in this route. 

Accommodations in Doru Verinag

Government Dak Bungalows and tourist lodges are the best options if you intend to stay here. You may contact the district administration for that. J&K Tourism Development Corporation also has a tourist lodge at Verinag located ay a distance of around five Km from the town. They have online booking options. For further information in this regard, one can call up in between 10 am to 6pm at 9560-66-2221 or send an email at help@jktdc.co.in.

Important Information about Doru Verinag

Tehsil: Doru
District: Anantnag
State: Jammu and Kashmir
Pin Code: 192211
STD Code: 01932

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